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[February, 2011]

Hello friends!  It's that time of year again when we head out to the largest photography convention in the world!  We have such a great time every year and especially cherish the friends we meet while there.  It's an opportunity to be set up for "Divine Appointments!"  Last year one of our favorite moments was having coffee with Ron and Tasra Dawson.  Our conversation was uncommonly holy and empowering.  The Dawsons had started a new national movement to fight for the return of God-given identity and beauty for teen girls.  In just one year they have become a national icon.  Teen Identity is quickly becoming one of the most heard of online magazines while bringing hope to our next generation.  

This year we look forward to meeting some new friends and hope that you will reach out if you see us walking too fast or experiencing information overload.  I catch myself walking in a dazed-like state through the trade show.  It's the one time of year where I KNOW that I suffer from ADD: everything seems to be in focus.  My mind is set at f22. It's dangerous!  Does anyone know what I'm talking about?!!

We always look forward to the 16x20 competition.  It's so fun to walk through and get inspired by the massive talent represented.  This year will be my first time to contribute.  I sought some advice from Garrett Nudd on printing options since I have no past experience.  He suggested art paper with a matte finish. Garrett won first place portrait individual in 2009 along with many accolades of excellence throughout the last few years.  After seeing the three prints finished and mounted I knew his advice was perfect.  Divinci Digitale did a wonderful job of making my images the absolute best they could be.  I talked with Davinci's rep Kathy Ogden about the huge difference I detected in the finished images and she told me that the secret is in the customized attention to detail along with the 20 shades of black that are available through their fine art printer.  And yes, it was expensive!  But well worth it.  If you have the time, look for my three images and pay attention to the detail in the shadow areas; particularly the romantic couple in Vancouver.  Look at the umbrella area.  The detail would have been lost by most printer capabilities having only 3 shades of black.

Because of Davinci Digitale's custom work, I can say that they look much better in person!  These seem like shadows of the real thing.  I also love how Linda Harms made them perfect in their display through  her custom mounting and matting.  Linda works as the custom framer for  Davinci Digitale.   If you see them in person you will be convinced that your artwork is worthy of the very best printing and displaying available.  

Stacy and Marika Siewert made this seem effortless to me.  They truly are this romantic!  Stacy has since become a part of TripleCord and Marika just recently released her single 'Soldier' on the radio.  It is AMAZING!!!  Listen to it HERE and then buy it on iTunes!  

This is our dear friend, Gloria McCune.  She turned blue and about froze to death as she gave me the perfect pose for a dramatic effect.  

This image makes me want to cry when I see it.  Never could it have been created without the help of our team that day or the God-given blizzard that rolled in at the perfect time.  Miranda Rose, the model, worked hard to bring about a deeper meaning to this mysterious setting and story.    

Much gratitude for the beautiful people who daily pour into my life the inspiration necessary to create and dream beyond what is impossible otherwise.  Annie, Colin and I hope to meet some of you next week!  

Cheers to you, friends!!




Graphic Design:I am speechless!!!! nice photography!!! Nice photo editing as well.. Looks like Fairy Tale story scenes!! (04/29/11, 12:55)     
wedding photographer south africa:Love your fine art work, "red riding bride" is stunning (04/08/11, 06:23)     
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A few weeks ago TripleCord traveled to Northern California to the beautiful 35 acre ranch of the Mace Family.  Never before has a group of people blessed us so much.  During our stay we had numerous photo shoots, one of which celebrated the romance of Tim and Melody Davis.  I can't wait to show you the entire shoot!!  Much more to come both from Tim and Melody's sessions and the entire week at the ranch!

Possibly the most talented and beautiful couple ever!!  Watch this, but first turn your speakers way up and go to the end.  You'll get the chills down your spine!  (-:



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Sometimes it's good to stop and just celebrate the sweet things in life, and Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity.  My beautiful friend Kelli Lane, of Darling Magazine, agreed to meet us in the meadow for the occasion.

I spent quite awhile inking, cutting, glueing, and painting the paper Valentines, while our friend Lynnda styled the shoot complete with her lovely shortbread cookies.  The antique perfume bottles belonged to my Grandma Ellie who was married to my Grandpa on Valentine's Day, so I know she'd approve!  


Happy Valentine's Day!  Whether or not your day includes romance, don't miss the chance to make a lovely memory.

Love and Cookies,

Annie, Annette, Colin, and Lynnda

CasualVisitor:Some amazing pictures! Kelli, you look astonishing ;) (03/15/11, 06:02)     
Kelli :What an eye! These shots look amazing Annie!! Those cookies were so good. Thanks for everything! (02/16/11, 01:37)     
Annette:Annie!!!!  I loved so much being invited to your beyond beautiful shoot!  To experience your artful Valentines and Lynnda´s masterpiece cookies; and Kelli, well she is simply the very best.  Thanks so much for putting this together!  Love you, friend.  <3 (02/14/11, 01:51)     
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We're so proud of Grace Sng!!  Her new single Let Love Find You hit the airwaves this month.  Colin and Stacy worked together to make the perfect CD cover and she looks as sweet and beautiful as she really is.  You can buy her single by clicking HERE.  Congratulations Grace!  


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It was an absolute joy for Colin, Stacy and I to join the Heritage singers on their 35 acre ranch in Placerville, CA last week.  Never before have we worked with a group of people where every person was "from the same planet" (in the words of Art Mappa).  We agree.  It made our job feel effortless.  There is SO much to share about this great group of talented singers and we'll be posting all of it very soon.  

Meet our new best friends....

Shani Diehl, Max Mace, Melody Davis, Tim Davis, Becki Craig, Val Mapa, Scott Reed and Dave Bell

Behind the scenes: Art Mappa and Jonathan Beitz on video.  And the beautiful lighting produced by Colin Biggers and Stacy Siewert.  

Here's a great video by Art Mapa.  I love the way everything he touches turns to gold!  AMAZING guy!


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